The Coolban Ice packs are FDA Approved

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Coolban a hydration replacement?

The Coolban is not a placement for hydration. The Coolban was designed to aid in eliminating overheating and heat related illnesses only.

How long does it take for the Coolban to work?

When activated,  the Coolban starts to cool immediately. 

Are there specific age groups to use the Coolban?

Unfortunately the Coolban has to meet certain criteria to avoid altering it’s integrity. The Coolban will not fit every individual but will accommodate most 7 year olds up to adults depending on the wrist size.

How does the Coolban work?

The Coolban works by simply inserting the cool pack into the zipper. When ready to use, press the cool pack to activate.

Are the cool packs reusable?

 The cool packs are not reusable, and should be stored in a clean dry place until ready for use. Room temperature. 

How do I clean the Coolban?

The Coolban should be hand washed only, light detergent. 

Does the cool pack expire?

The cool pack is good for 2 years unused. 

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